Certified execution of ironwork, boiler making projects
and machining that require high precision.  


In continuous transformation to offer the best service and product quality.  

The origin of Laser Mimar is a family business created in 1999 in Badalona. At present Laser Mimar develops its activity through fully professionalized functional areas, integrating the entire production process in its facilities: technical office, industrial purchasing, laser cutting, folding, industrial machining, assembly and welding, surface treatments, assembly and packaging and / or packaging for dispatch according to requirements. 


What are the pillars of our value proposition? 


  • Experience + Commitment to young talent: internal training programs for a continuous improving of the shaping of the plate with precision: bending, assembly, welding, polishing, etc. 


  • Craftsmanship + Technology: by shelling the different phases of the production process in delimited operations, we optimize the execution time and with technology such as the welding robot, automatic folder, CNC, lathes, etc., we improve the quality standards of qualified artisanal handling.


  • Balance between cost, quality and delivery time: thanks to the integration of processes, we guarantee commitments in delivery time and quality requirements. Not depending on external suppliers in the processes of handling and treatment of the sheet, let us control cost and time by ourselves. 

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in facilities 


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tons of metal 
transformed every year 


of processes 



Láser Mimar is organized into the following functional areas: 


Production · Production Planning · Quality · Sales · Management Control

Láser Mimar assumes integrated projects (those that encompass almost the entire sequence of functions from 01 to 10) and orders that involve single services as laser cutting, industrial machining, etc. 


Technical office 

Based on the customer's drawings, the development and manufacturing sequence is proposed to optimize plate consumption and execution hours. We can accompany our clients from the design phase. 


Industrial purchases

The materials used in each project are purchased ad hoc to guarantee quality and adaptation to specific requirements.  


Laser cutting 

In integrated projects and as a single service for clients who require serial cutting in carbon, stainless steel, or aluminum plates with dimensions up to 4000x2000 mm and thickness up to 30 mm.  



In integrated projects and as a single service for clients who require serial folding in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum plates.  



Industrial machining 

In integrated projects and as a single service: machining of single or serial parts of all kinds of materials (steel, aluminum, stainless, technical plastics).  


Assembly and welding 

Delimited workplaces and equipped with their own machinery and tools to avoid contamination of materials. 


Treatments and

Non-Destructive Tests 

Interventions limited to integrated projects. Painting in industrial booth, sandblasting, adhesive, etc.  


Assembly and dispatch 

Service limited to integrated projects. 


Product quality 

Action present as standard in each of the previous functions by guided self-test. Specific product quality control interventions are tailored to the client's requirements and the standard / certification that the product / set must meet.



In peninsular territory, Láser Mimar offers the delivery management service of the merchandise at the address indicated by the client. 



In the functions of laser cutting, folding and arming and welding, Laser Mimar works all types of steels and aluminum with thicknesses from 0.2 mm. 
In painting and industrial machining, we also incorporate technical plastics.  



Carbon steels

Tanks, pumping stations for the gas industry (skids), wind turbines, platforms, special ladders for maintenance of energy sector installations, etc.  


Stainless steels

Aesthetic structures for the railway sector, benches for the food or pharmaceutical sector, filters, hoppers, fairings, etc.  



Tanks, tools and components for wind industry equipment, etc.  


Our client's activities



/ labeling 

/ Feeding 



Graphic arts 


/ Gas 

/ Pharmacist  




Machinery and facilities 


CO2 Laser

PRIMA PLATINO 2040 machine. High precision laser cutting using CO2. Very versatile for small series.

Fiber Laser

Trumpf TruLaser 3040 Fiber machine with 4000x2000 mm working field. It has an automated warehouse with up to 18 stations that allows automatic and selective plate feeding. Previous programmable for both long and short series.  

Laser Marking / Engraving

Trumpf TruMark 1110 machine. Allows laser machining for marking and fine removal of metals and metal alloys, plastics, ceramics, glass, semiconductors, and metal oxides.

CNC automatic folding 

LVD ToolCell hydraulic press brake. It enables bends with an accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees.

Manual folding

4 folding machines (AJIAL (2), CASANOVAS, HIDROGERCA) for versatile deformations of the sheet that are completed with Hako cillaza and 6 cylinders (1 VEMAXA, 1 BIKO and 4 Alba & Muñoz).  

Manual Welding Cell 

Machines for welding MIG / MAG, TIG, Coated electrode, Air arc ... We have the welding certifications UNE-EN 288-3, ASME IX-3, UNE-EN 287-1.
Prepared to shape and join materials adapting to the final geometry required.

Robotic Welding Cell 

KUKA welding robot installed on a 7-meter track and a rotating axis that allows robotic welding on a circular base.  


Launch paint booth model CCH-4000 of 15 × 5.0x4.5m. It has 2 generators with 2 impulsion turbines and two extraction turbines, each one of 11 kW. Liquid paint.  

Machining by Lathe  

Fanuc 32iB and Biglia B750 CNC lathes. It makes it possible to work from rolled pieces of any type of material or technical plastic.  

Machining by Center

Haas Model VF-9/40 Machining Center designed for cutting and shaping metals and other hard materials.

Crane Bridge

The facilities have overhead cranes in the functional areas of laser cutting, industrial machining, assembly and welding, treatment and assembly and dispatch with capacities from 3Tn to 20Tn.

Expeditions and Transportation

With rigor, method, specialized equipment and mechanical resources, the articles are packed and prepared for dispatch in accordance with the specifications required and / or estimated as necessary to guarantee their safeguarding. 

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Office Hours:  Monday to Thursday (08:00 to 17:30) Friday (07:00 to 14:00) · Tel: +34 933883230

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